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Basic Deck

Marching Band

Booster Pack

100 game cards with everything you need to play the game with your fellow band members. 

Marching band themed expansion pack with 10 Band Nerd Cards, 7 new description cards, and 2 action cards. 

(all packs are the same...what do you think this is, some dorky game where you catch mythical creatures?)

More Booster Packs 


Play it in the band room after school, in the back of the bus (instead of doing those other things you do there), in the hotel during a trip, 20 years after graduation while reminiscing about “the good old days,” or whenever you get the band nerd bug. 


Band Nerds: The Game, meant to be played with fellow band members, is about the hilarious, inspirational, and maybe slightly (read “almost definitely”) embarrassing stories about your time in the band. Show NO MERCY!

Ages 13+

2+ Players


The 1st Chair Version 

The version that requires preparation 

and a little bit of work.

Players Need: 

Phone notes app (any will do) or writing tool (like the pencil you don’t have on your stand ever), Paper if you’re not using a phone, 10 second timer 

Same as The 13th Chair version but you collectively argue and decide who best fits the cards’ description by sharing stories and reasons why you think so. If you can’t decide collectively who it is, ask the nearest band member not playing the game. If not in the same room, text them. 

The 13th Chair Version 

The super, super simplest version to play 

(Oboes, please explain it to the baritones).

1. Divide the cards into two piles: Description Cards (Yellow) and Band Nerd Cards (Blue). Shuffle both piles.

2. The player most likely to lie about the amount of practicing they did goes first. 

3. That little liar first picks a card from the Description Cards (Yellow) and then from the Band Nerds Cards (Blue).

4. The player must name the individual in their band that best fits the description of both cards together and share a reason or story why. EXAMPLE: Description Card: Sassiest / Band Nerd Card: Horn Player

 It’s quite obvious the answer is Laura because last week when she was asked if she disliked Sarah, her answer was “What do you think?” and then walked away


ACTION CARD:  If the player picks an ACTION CARD from the Description Card pile, they must do what it says or you forfeit. 

5. The player to the person’s right goes next. 

6. When you run out of cards in either pile, shuffle and restart the pile.  

7.Game goes until you’re bored.

The 2nd Chair Version 

The version that probably could be the 1st chair version but finds it easier just to criticize it. 

    1.  Divide the cards into two piles: Description Cards and Band Nerd Cards. Shuffle both piles.

    2.  The player most likely to conduct in their bedroom alone goes first.  

    3.  The player picks a card first from the Description Card and then the Band Nerds Cards and reads them out loud. (Baritones can ask someone for help).

    4.  If an ACTION card is selected when picking the Description Card, the individual who picked the card must perform the action or they forfeit. 

    5.  Everyone has 10 seconds to write down on paper or in their phone app the name of the individual they think fits the descriptions of both cards together. 

    6.  When the 10 seconds are up, everyone shows the name they picked. 

    7.  If there is a match anywhere, those people get a point. Oh yeah, keep track of points. You can use paper or the dorky dice for playing other games you may have. 

    8.  First one to 13 wins. Must win by 2. Or not. Whatever. 

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