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The Band Nerds Book Series!


You eat it. You sleep it. You eat it while you sleep it. You are in band! The Band Nerds Book Series became a world-wide phenomenon spreading the antics of lovable band nerds everywhere. From the same award-winning team, BAND=LIFE is the best collection of band nerds books ever written in any universe. It includes all four books in the Band Nerds Book Series plus over 50 pages of bonus material. That’s over 600 pages of nerdy goodness. Grab the ultimate practice procrastination tool and see the musical world through the eyes of The 13th Chair!

The best books ever written.

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Band Nerds Poetry From The 13th Chair Trombone Player by DJ Corchin is a book of humorously inspiring poems and illustrations all about BAND! Come join the crazy antics of those lovable band nerds like the egotistical trumpet player, bad boy percussionists, flirty yet stuck up flute, overzealous oboe, and many more. Explore the hilarious world of band geeks, music dweebs, and get the picture. But be careful, you might just fall in love with them. Whether you've been in band, saw a band, or can spell the word band, you'll love this instant classic!

Hold on to your shirts and plumes...they're back! From the author of the hugely popular BAND NERDS Poetry From The 13th Chair Trombone Player, comes The Marching BAND NERDS Handbook, a humorously inspiring guide to surviving life in the marching band world. All the best (and funniest) secrets are revealed in this series of rules and illustrations that, if followed strictly, almost guarantees world domination. Did you know that clarinets are secretly ninjas? Or that even band parents need supervision? If you've ever taken a step on the marching field or have just driven by a field on the highway, this handbook can solve every problem in your life (actual results may vary).

Socrates. Plato. Aristotle. Mere child's play. Band Nerds Confessions & Confusion is the newest addition to the Band Nerds Book Series. With over 800 quotes, anecdotes, and thoughts from The 13th Chair, there isn't a larger source of band hodgepodge genius on the planet. We've all wondered what our messy music lockers say about us. Or dreamed of the many ways instruments can fit together to form a super robot. Truly thought provoking words await you. Go ahead, open to any page and transport yourself to the humorously inspiring music world of The 13th Chair!

It's not about winning...(chuckle, chuckle). The Marching Band Nerds Awards are the most prestigious awards in the world. No other awards matter. Whether you win Most Creative Use Of A Saber, Most Amount Of Props In One Show, or Loudest Flute Player, earning an MBNA is a first class ticket to the A-List. The Marching Band Nerds Awards is another smash hit in the Band Nerds Book Series from the mind of The 13th Chair.